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Our subscribers receive quality content specially prepared by us. Every week, they receive only the best of Canberra’s entertainment. We also give them tips and send them promotions and discounts for restaurants and the best places.

Isabella Torres, 25, Canberra

Thanks to the weekly content I receive from Fireside Festival online magazine, I can keep up with the city. I don’t miss any quality events or parties that are worth visiting. I always go with my friends and we are always amazed at all the good things they have to offer.

Kel Reevans, 34, Sydney

Fireside Festival keeps me updated with the best in Canberra entertainment. I love the city and its stunning scenery is perfect for a good evening.

Anna Count, 30, Melbourne

The Fireside Festival online magazine gives me the best tips for going to events in Canberra. I have already taken advantage of over three restaurant promotions thanks to them. My friends and I always go to Canberra. It’s the best place to enjoy.

Franco Rogers, 42, Melbourne

Subscribing to Fireside Festival was the best thing I ever did. The promotions they offer are incredible and I get great discounts on festivals or wine events. I am looking forward to the next gastronomic events and Australia has the best.

If you are hesitating to subscribe, I recommend you not to think about it. This online magazine is incredible and they know what they are doing. All the content I receive is of high quality.